Sunday, November 7, 2010

Yee Haw! A Cowgirl Birthday!

We celebrated Hannah’s 3rd birthday with family this weekend. 
Our theme? Cowgirls, of course!

 I planned and made the decorations and favors myself by spending very little and using things I already had on hand.

For example:
Tissue paper poms!  I bought a jumbo pack of pink and turquoise tissue paper and used about 9 sheets per pom, which made these pretties less than $1 each.

pom1 pom2

The cowgirl tree was made with an old Mason jar, some faux peat moss, branches from a Rose of Sharon in my backyard and scrapbook/cardmaking supplies I had in my stash.  Cute!


Each child got to take home a jar of the dry ingredients to make Bakerella’s Cowgirl Cookies!  I bought the jars at Hobby Lobby - $9 for a dozen.  I had many of the ingredients on hand and bought chocolate chips, brown sugar and M&Ms.  The pink bandanas are from Hob Lob also.  I bought 2 for $1 and cut them into small pieces for the tops.  I found the jute rope in my husband’s tool box and thought that it fit perfectly!cookies1

Tutorials for all of these lovlies coming soon!

Happy Birthday to my little cowgirl!  Love her so much!




  1. Such a cute party and I love the party favors. I hope she had a great time, I'm sure she did.

  2. Very cool! I can't believe you made all the decorations! I love the tissue balls, and the cookies in a jar were the perfect idea!

  3. I love your paper poms! :) I also love your blog and became a follower!