Thursday, October 28, 2010


Dear Hannah,

Today you are three years old!  Happy Birthday, sweet girl! 
So, what are you up to these days?

You are still tall and thin.  I recently bought you some pants for winter and they fit you in the length, but won’t stay up because your waist is so tiny!

We hit a little bit of a rough spot with potty training a few months ago, but you came through it and have been doing great with it for a while now.

You have developed a new love for all things cowgirl!  You are such a little country thing and we have no idea where you get it!  You love cowboys, cowgirls, horses, saddles and bandanas.  It is so cute that every day you like to put on your cowgirl hat, your pink bandana and your sheriff badge.  You ask us to get down on the floor and take you for horse rides around the living room.  You will even put a little blanket on us and say that it is a saddle. 

 One evening, we turned on the country music video channel and you saw a picture of Tim McGraw.  You pointed at him and said, “That’s a real cowboy!  Is he the sheriff?”


You love your Sunday School class and teacher!  I am so glad because it is so important to us that you are raised in church.  You have learned three Bible verses since summer and it is so sweet when you recite them.  I hope that you remember them your entire life.  Last weekend, we went for a hike on a trail near our church and you said, “Let’s go see my teacher.”  I told you that she wouldn’t be there because it isn’t Sunday.  You looked at me, completely serious and said, “But she lives here.”

One of my favorite things about this age is when you don’t fully get the right word and repeat things out of context.  It cracks me up!  One night after dinner, your dad and I were talking about the phone calls we have been getting from political candidates.  Daddy said something like, “Well, they want your vote.” I didn’t even think you were paying attention.  The next day, you said to Papa, “Papa, let’s talk about the Republicans.  They want Mommy’s boat.” 


You have become a little fickle about eating.  Generally, you will eat well for two meals each day, but won’t be interested in the other.  If we are at a family gathering or birthday party, you get so excited that it is hard to get you to eat.  I must say, though, you amaze me with the things that you like.  You still love anything Mexican and really like Spanish olives stuffed with blue cheese!  You will eat any fruit, but apples aren’t your favorite.  You love cucumbers and will eat a few slices for a snack each day.

In your three short years, you have traveled to Los Angeles and New York City with us.  You are a great little travel buddy.  You do amazing on airplanes and just go with the flow when away from home.  You had your first experience in NYC a few weeks ago and you talk about the “taxi crabs” all the time. 

You are such a sweet, funny little girl and we love you more than you will ever know!


  1. Awe, Happy 3rd Birthday big girl! She is so wonderfully made.

  2. awww hope she had a great THIRD birthday!!