Monday, September 13, 2010

Our Weekend

Our weekend was spent as a couple, just the two of us. 
Celebrating 10 years of marriage, relaxing and being adventurous.

My birthday is 3 days after our anniversary, and my husband has always been a firm believer that they are two separate occasions, requiring separate gifts.  What a guy!  This year, however, he whisked me away on a little weekend get away to celebrate both.  A two-for-one, he called it.

At first, I was nervous about leaving Twinks for two nights, but once we got on the road, it didn’t take long to get comfortable with the idea of a kid free weekend!  In fact, I’d forgotten how quick and light one can travel without a tot in tow.

Heading out…

10 yearsI can’t believe we’ve been married for 10 years!

Shawn has always been much more adventurous than me.  So, our first activity of the weekend?  Zip lining!


Check out the stylish harnesses. 
I was starting to get nervous at this point. But I finally went for it.


Next up: Horse back riding.

My horse was a beauty named Blaze.  He was calm and gentle and I really think he was sad when we had to part ways.  Shawn’s horse was a brute named King who wanted to eat trees.


The rest of the afternoon included golf, a massage at the spa, followed by dinner that evening. 


On Sunday, we hit the trails for a Jeep off road excursion.
It was rough and bumpy and at one point I was certain that the Jeep was going to roll over onto its side.   In the first year that we were married, we had a Jeep Wrangler that we took off roading on occasion.  So this felt just like old times. 


My husband was seriously a rock star at driving that thing. 


And even better at parking it.


It was a fabulous weekend.
We laughed and created new inside jokes.
We reminisced about our early days of dating, our engagement, our wedding and honeymoon. 
We talked about 9-11 and how it happened smack dab between our first anniversary and my birthday, just days after we purchased our very first house.
We talked about the next 10 years.  
  We thanked God for the gift of each other.
I am blessed and my heart is full.


  1. We just love seeing you and Shawn have this much fun together! Let us know the next time you are in L.A. We would love to see you again!

    -Natalie and Joe DeVitis

  2. Beautiful! that looks like an amazing way to spend your 10th!