Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Weekend in Review, Just a Little Late

I’ve been meaning to get around to this post all week, but between my laptop misbehaving and the LeBron-a-thon that’s been going on in these parts, I’ve sadly not been able to pull it all together.  I’m not even a big sports fan, but I am married to one.  I now know more about free agency and the NBA salary cap than I ever imagined.


The 4th of July weekend started with Hannah’s first ever slumber party at her grandparents’ house with one of her favorite cousins.  She adores her cousins.  I didn’t even tell her about the slumber party until the last minute for fear that she would be so excited that she wouldn’t take a nap that day.  When I filled her in, she cheered and pumped her fists in the air. 

On Saturday, Hannah had zero interest in leaving her grandparents’ house, so Shawn talked me into doing something I haven’t done in over three years.  Yep, I got on the back of the Harley with him.107_4718

Does my helmet make me look tough?


I am usually a bit of a Nervous Nelly when I get on the bike, which I am sure is no fun for my husband, but he is always so patient with me.  He sticks to back roads, drives super slow and slows down even more if I squeeze him.  He probably feels like we are going to fall over because we are going so slow…

Our family’s 4th of July picnic was held at our house this year.  Here’s my little firecracker in her Independence Day best:




The rest of the weekend was spent loving on cousins:


Sitting with Papa, but downright refusing to look at the camera,


And swimming until we were waterlogged.


Hope you had a happy 4th!


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