Saturday, April 10, 2010

Lady In Red

I have a college friend who lives in New York City. 
She moved there right after we graduated with a mere $400 in her pocket. 
She's now lived there long enough to be considered a true New Yorker.  
And she's hip enough to refer to NYC simply as "The City." 
Ya know, as in "We"ll be in Ohio for Christmas but have to be back in the city on Monday."

Recently, she sent me this picture of her totally. adorable. little beebee wearing the dress
and bloomers that I gifted to her. 

Instead of mentioning the custom embroidery job I did on the bloomers, let's just take a minute
and acknowledge what's really important here.

Oh, those delicious, yummy, chubby baby thighs!  NOM NOM NOM! 
The red beebee dress reminded me of the bridesmaid dress I wore on her wedding day in 2006. 

See? We both have a thing for "The City."
And red dresses.
And beebee thighs.


  1. The little tush is adorable too!

  2. those {little} chubby legs are so adorable!! love the bloomers!