Friday, June 22, 2012


Hi, there.
Here we are again.
Time to look at pictures from my cell phone.

On the way to Subway.
It’s our weekly tradition.


I saw this vintage bus in town this week.
It was so cute I wanted to sew curtains for the windows and put a hula girl playing a ukulele on the dashboard.


My engineer husband takes geometry and such very seriously.  He got out a level to make sure that the flower basket hanging on the balcony railing is level.  Me?  I would have just eyeballed it and if one end wasn’t about to fall off, I’d call it good.


This little girl skips all the time.
Down the street.
Into school.
Out of school.


I love this time of year because it stays light so late.
I snapped this one out our bedroom window at 10:59 p.m, right as the last plane of the night was about to take off from the Lux airport. 


Father’s Day.
Her Lil Blue Boo dress from last year’s Father’s Day.
I’ll cry when she’s too big to wear it.
(And when she’s too big to ride on his shoulders.)



Remember when I told you about the trash and recycling procedure in our town?  Well, look what came in the mail.  Special bags and extremely specific instructions for the recyclables that they’ll now pick up at our house at 6 o’clock in the morning one Wednesday per month. 


An after school ice cream to celebrate a great progress report from the teacher.
We’re so, so proud of her.


That’s a bit of our week.  What did you do?


  1. It looks beautiful there, and like you are doing so well with all the changes in moving to a foreign country! Great week!

  2. You're starting to look European Tina!! I cracked up at the level flower box. I totally would have eye-balled it too.

  3. It is so good to SEE you! Love the pictures. You are such an awesome mommy, a wonderful wife and a very sweet friend. xxoxox