Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Monica Closet

I’ve got a secret.  A deep, dark secret that I can’t believe I am going to share.
Remember the episode of Friends where the total Type A, neat freak Monica is outed for her messy closet?
Monicas closet
My name is Tina and I have a Monica closet.
This is the closet in our guest bedroom. 
Home to stuff that doesn’t have a home. 
A walk-in closet that you can’t walk in.
Anyone who knows me in real life would gasp to know that I have a space in my home that is so unorderly and cluttered.
We have visitors coming this weekend who will be staying in our guest bedroom.  So, what does a girl do when under pressure to clean out her Monica closet before guests arrive? 
She takes pictures and posts them on the internet, that’s what.  
It’s time to get this closet under control before someone mistakes me for a hoarder and notifies TLC.
Now this is the closet in our guest bedroom.
Everything has a home.
A walk-in closet that can actually be walked in.


  1. Hahaha- I just saw that episode the other day! And there is nothing that will make us clean faster or better than overnight guests.