Friday, March 12, 2010


Welcome to my studio! I probably shouldn't call it a studio because I think that only real artists can call their space an actual studio.

Anyways, we bought our house three years ago and the first time I saw this little room, I knew exactly what I was going to do with it.

It is a small, loft-type room that used to be part of the attic. The previous owners opened it up and made it into a "bonus room." When we first moved in, my elliptical and Bow Flex were also in here, but the slanted ceiling made it not such a great workout room. So, the workout gear was moved out and this space became  known by my husband as my "Clubhouse."

My most recent purchase: an embroidery machine. I just happened to find this treasure one day while browsing through a fabric store. I started talking to a woman who said that she was upgrading her machine and wanted to get rid of her old one. So, I got this one for a great price AND she gave me free lessons!

My trusty old sewing machine. My husband got this for me nine years ago on the first Christmas we were married. I spent that winter making curtains for our first little apartment.

This is just a general storage area. On the shelf are scrapbook and stamping supplies, a tub of fabric and boxes of photos waiting to be scrapbooked. The bottom of the shelf holds scrapbooks that I have made over the years.

Fabric pieces are stored here. When I purchase fabric, I have tried to make it a habit to wash, dry and iron it as soon as I get home or it arrives in the mail. That way it is all ready to go when I start a new project.

This is a collection of things that need to be hung. I found the "family" frame a few months ago and have slowly been gathering and printing photos. I plan on assembling a photo collage on the wall going up the stairs with this as the center or focal point.

Last fall, while visiting my sister in LA, we spent an afternoon in the fabric district where I found these amazing fabrics. I didn't really have anything particular in mind that I was going to make with them but they were just too cute to pass up.

Do you have a space in your home that is dedicated to sewing or crafting?

Have a good Friday!

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  1. Nope, every square inch of my space is dedicated to the boys. Sad isn't it? Yup, it is...definitely. One day they'll be all gone and I will have plenty of space.